Wednesday, November 2, 2016


In the middle ages they didn't have medicine or things to help them except things they thought would help. I think this is crazy because they didn't really know what to use to help them not be sick. Can you imagine your self these days living without knowing what to do when your sick?



Marriage in the middle ages was crazy because women/girls got married to men/boys that they might not even know. Someone times they wouldn't even know the man/boy before they got married. I think I wouldn't like it in the 1300 because I wouldn't want to get married at they age of 12 to someone I don't even know. If your a girl would you want to get married to a guy you might not know?



In the 1300 middle ages people used to drain there blood when they were sick. They thought the good blood would stay in there body and the bad blood would leave there body so they can get better. I think it wasn't smart of them do to that because they could of just had a little fever or something small and they are draining there blood and they can die from that. Would you do is these days?


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Was he gallant??? What i think.

Was Dally gallant? I think Dally was gallant because he had no one to care for and anyone to care for him. he was kind of by himself and he liked to be by himself and he was brave to take anyone on. I think the only time he wasn't gallant is when Johnny died because he was said and depressed about his death. He wanted to get in trouble and die.

Dally's death

I think Dally's death was sadder than Johnny's because Dally wanted to die and because he got shot by the comes. Dally got shot by the cops because he carried a gun with him but it wasn't loaded. The cops didn't know it wasn't loaded and they shot him before he can shot them. Other than Johnny's death he died slow and they got to talk to him and say their goodbyes before he could die. They didn't get to do that to Dally.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"Stay golden"

Johnny: "Stay gold." I think Johnny told Ponyboy this because Pony is like his mom and his mom is golden which means special and shinning.  I think Johnny said that as good bye, good luck in life and never change. I think this is going to mean a lot to Pony because that is the last thing Johnny said.

Thursday, October 6, 2016


The Pages Between Us By: Lindsey Leavitt and robin Mellonm

My prediction was right. Olivia and piper are not friends anymore. They got in a big fight about school clubs. I think they are going to become friends again. I think this because they are close and have been best friends for such a long time. I can relate to there situation when me and my best friend gets in a fight i say i don't like her she is mean but at the end she is  my best friend and she is everything.